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Fields and activities covered by Rahem Tarh Engineering Group:

Product Logistics Department :

This company is the one which have been stepped into the Carrying out consulting services for the purchase of goods and their transportation from the requested countries and carrying them within the framework of legal regulations.

Project control group :

Counseling and supervision on the execution and control of projects from design phase through installation and commissioning

Information Technology group :

Counseling, design, planning supervision, commissioning and upgrading systems in the field of Information Technology and communications.

Transfer of Technology due to Manpower Planning and Training :

Design, counseling, supervision and planning for manpower, including holding specialty and technical training courses in industrial sites with the purpose of improving the technical knowledge of experts and technology transfer.

Human resources group :

Providing and equipping skilled manpower during the execution of industrial projects, participation in commissioning and delivering projects form contractors to user.

Study research group :

Counseling and holding technical and specialized researches in various sectors and non-technical fields (Management, Human Resources, Training, Organization and productivity and Documentation).

Contracts group :

Counseling for drawing up contracts, Legal supervision and controlling the execution of projects.

Executive participation group :

Counseling and supervision on the execution of technical and engineering projects in the form of EPC and all works related to commercial affairs and procurement of the goods required for projects.

HSE supervision and Training group :

Designing, supervising and setting in motion HSE systems and principles, and providing specialty and general training courses on HSE.

Quality management group :

Counseling, supervising and executing quality management systems based on ISO standards.